Take a look at the Count Down notice on the side of this blog. I’m putting the pressure on myself to get my novel finished so I can self-publish it this summer. There are those that may be curious as to what goes in to publishing. I have many questions myself. But I thought that I might include my journey here so that people can see any successes or mistakes I make to getting my WIP out there.


First, I made the decision to self-publish with this particular piece because based on the subject matter, it fits in well with the self-publishing model. The categories it fits in with, including any keywords I will use when building its purchasing page, is one of the better selling categories for e-books. However, for anyone keeping up with current self-publishing changes, Amazon has made recent changes to selecting a book’s categories. They’ve opened up new categories like New Adult and they’ve made some specific categories under larger umbrellas. So for my WIP, under Fantasy, I think it would be under the Paranormal & Urban category since I have “witches” (or more accurately root practitioners), fairies, mediums, and other supernatural beings. While there is some romance within the story, I don’t think it qualifies as Paranormal Romance.

Second, I’ve gone through the decision-making process any author should go through to weigh the pros and cons of traditional versus self-publishing. And I’m taking the job of self-publishing seriously. I’ve got several professionals lined up to help me get my piece ready including a professional editor, formatter, and cover designer. I’m transitioning my editing business from last year into my publishing side, and am already prepping the marketing for Book One.

Things to do before hitting the button to publish:

  • Create an author website & hook in this blog
  • Establish my Author Facebook Page
  • Find the blogs & bloggers who review similar works
  • Set up an Author Goodreads Page
  • Prep the storyline for Book Two & start writing it

There are other steps involved, but these are the basic things as a self-publisher that need to be covered. My intent is to cover my process as I go through it here so that others can see what I’ve done and see what works and what doesn’t work.

Third, I’m trying to embrace what Neil Gaiman said in the conclusion of his Book Fair speech. It’s time for me to be a dandelion and put some seeds out there. Book One will be one of those dandelion seeds. Check back here for updates on the progress as well as information on steps such as choosing an editor and editing level of service, choosing a cover artist, looking at the different ways to self-publish, and other decisions and choices I’m making. But the first thing to do – go Like my Author Facebook Page!