Sean Platt and David Wright, both of the Self-Publishing Podcast, offered an Author Hangout on Wednesday, March 26 that focused on their works together under Collective Inkwell. I was one of the lucky ones chosen to participate in the Hangout.

Like the Self-Publishing Podcast, the Hangout was a little NSFW, so be prepared. Some of the topics covered include writing what excites you, the origins of Collective Inkwell’s use of serials, the benefits and drawbacks of writing and selling serials, and Sean’s ability to juggle many projects at once.

You can find Sean & Dave’s books on the Collective Inkwell site and sign up to be a Goner to receive direct news and information from them! Personally, I’ve started Yesterday’s Gone through their audiobook, which I’m enjoying. I’ve also started their Kindle Serials series Z2134 and will finish their series with Z2135 and Z2136 when it’s released.

You can watch the Hangout directly on Youtube by clicking HERE, or start watching right now. And if you Like them on Facebook or become a Goner, you can get direct notification the next time they offer a Hangout!