For over a year, I’ve collected and shared information about writing and publishing as well as my passion for sci-fi and fantasy. Until now, I hadn’t shared any of my own work. But the wheels are in motion for my first debut piece. So if you would like to keep up with the news and hear about things like release dates, you can subscribe to receive my newsletter!

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I will continue to post what’s working for me as I’m going through the process, like using the Pomodoro Technique, as well as revealing things like my cover art in the near future. But to hear the news first about releases as well as any specials or offers, you can click on image above or on the link at the top right to sign up for my newsletters. No spamming, just information!

This past weekend, WordPress let me know that I had surpassed 1,000 followers on this blog. I am grateful to each one of you who has taken the time to find and read my blog and to watch me as I “Fall” into writing. The encouragement I’ve felt even when things didn’t necessarily go the way I planned has helped me move forward. I’m excited to share my journey in taking my next steps to getting my first work out there.

My progress bars will show you approximately where I am in terms of writing the words, and I will update with blog posts as I hit different steps to getting things ready. And for those looking for my recommendations, I’ll be updating my “Recommended” section soon to include websites, blogs, podcasts, cover artists, and other resources I find useful in the near future.

Thanks again for making my choice to write an easy one! I hope to continue to share my journey with you!