This weekend on the back of the New York Times Review, James Patterson took out an ad on the back that asked about the future of books.

Here’s what the text reads:

“Who will save our books? Our bookstores? Our libraries? If there are no bookstores, no libraries, no serious publishers with passionate, dedicated, idealistic editors, what will happen to our literature? Who will discover and mentor new writers? Who will publish our important books? What will happen if there are no more books like these? Following list included 37 books considered classics in different genres and with a mix of diverse authors.

“The Federal Government has stepped in to save banks, and the automobile industry, but where are they on the subject of books? Or, if the answer is state and local government, where are they? Is any state doing anything? Why are there no impassioned editorials in influential newspapers or magazines? Who will save our books? Our libraries? Our bookstores?” – James Patterson

The picture I found of the ad came from the Facebook page of Jersey City Free Books whose webpage can be found at I thank them for sharing it so others can see it.

James Patterson Future of Books Ad

I want to take some time to think about the ad, but would love to hear thoughts and reactions to it.

Update: Patterson did create the ad, and talks about why in a current article here.