This is a short blog post written in post-writing glow. For whatever reasons, the writing gods smiled on me this weekend. I managed to write 5,017 words this weekend, and I’m adding up the word count for the total of this particular WIP.



In addition to exceeding my writing goals, I also accomplished cooking two amazing dinners, taking a couple of beautiful walks around my neighborhood by the water (thank you Southern Weather for allowing us to experience a little bit of Spring before moving directly into summer), and conquering four loads of laundry.

I managed to keep the Procrastination Monster at bay for most of the weekend. My allergies didn’t bother me quite as much as earlier in the week – that’s a huge win! I only had one major fail: we rented Lincoln on Apple TV and started watching it. About 35 minutes into it, the hubs fell asleep , so I stopped it. And then – we forgot to go back and finish it. So I rented Lincoln and never finished it. That is a pretty big fail, but I think the good outweighs the bad.

Hope you had a fantastic weekend, and reached some of your goals! That way we can share a collective, “Woohoo!”