If you haven’t taken a break today, grab that cup of coffee, sit down, and take a read. If coffee isn’t your cup of tea, go get one of those instead. Whatever we choose to drink that gives us that much needed lift and pause, it’s time to take a draught.

Today, I took a coffee break with a friend. Both of us were in need to share where we were on the paths we’ve chosen that started on a more scholarly path of academic writing. While my friend is still pursuing that path (and breaking new ground while doing it), I am at a crossroads between my former pursuits and my new, more creative journey.

This seems to be a trend with many of my friends lately. What do you do when you find yourself at a crossroads where your choices could take you one way or the other where either choice could produce something wonderful albeit different? One of the reasons I have yet to produce a full novel is my reticence – and frankly, fear – of taking a step one way or the other. I am finding more and more often that fear rings true with many who offer their ideas to the world, so I am in good company.

What came from the coffee, the caffeine buzz, and our discussion is a renewed fire that I am on the right path. Perhaps I even came out ahead as my friend let me know that I can actually bridge my former pursuits and combine them with my new creative objectives. My friend’s ability to make connections that I didn’t see quells my immense angst that holds me back. It may be that instead of having to choose between two roads, I do not have to go all Robert Frost in my decision. By crossing the bridge I can now see, I perceive that the two roads can merge into one.

Too much imagery for you? How’s this: The gauntlet has been thrown down, I’m picking it up, and the novel has its first words. May your coffee break be as refreshing.