I swear I came up with the idea for the book first. Okay, maybe I didn’t come up with the exact idea, but I have been working on a dystopic nation that sections itself off into provinces where people have to fight for survival. Of course, all of the properties of this new “world” are entirely in my head and not written down. So the lesson is – get it written and published so that you, too, can have a huge opening weekend at the box office for the movie adaptation of your book.

Many, including myself, ask the question whether or not ideas are more derivative rather than original? I came up with an idea a couple of years ago, developed it, and planned it all out. Talking it over with my go-to-sci-fi friend, I realized that I was describing Luke Skywalker. My plans included a trilogy of books. When I looked at my plan for book two, I realized I was writing Harry Potter. Needless to say, I became discouraged, and shut the door on the idea. Those characters and the stories that I created sometimes knock on my subconscious door, but I never answer because of fear that it’s been done before.

For the past few months, I have been busy reading, reading, reading. Thanks to my Kindle, I can read some independent authors who self-publish their books electronically for $.99. Witches, fairies, and zombies – oh my! There are many books out there. So, how can a writer have an original idea? My lesson from reading so much is that no one plagiarizes someone else directly. If all of us chose to write about a fairy named Bob today and shared those stories tomorrow, I can guarantee that the stories would all be different.

I put Hunger Games in my post-apocalyptic category, and there are many gems there. It’s a great trilogy, and like any good aspiring writer, I’m a little jealous. But I’m still going to go see the movie in IMAX today with friends (review to be posted later). It just goes to show that keeping my ideas in my head will never get them out there, and they will definitely never make it to the big screen if they stay shut away.