If you’re following my writing journey, you may want to know what I intend to write. A simplistic answer would be speculative fiction – science fiction and fantasy mainly. While I won’t limit myself in any capacity, I know that in terms of where I want my creative brain to live when writing, I want to create new worlds where magic exists, creatures of other worlds play, and people rise out of apocalyptic anguish.

We write what we read. I’m a believer in that phrase. My love for other-worldly things comes from J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. My mom would read to my six-years-older-than-me brother and me at bedtime. It is an idyllic picture, but oh so true. From an early age, I imagined living in Narnia and Middle Earth. Quite frankly, Gollum scared me to death – so much so that my devious older brother would hide under my bed, start groaning, “Gollum, Gollum,” and grab my leg. This happened more than once. He is evil.

To me, the places that Tolkien and Lewis created were alive. Their characters were real. I went from wanting to be Bilbo Baggins on adventure away from his Hobbit hole to being Prince Caspian (because let’s face it – the girls didn’t get to do as much as the guys did in these stories). Over the years, I revisited the worlds again and again because the writing that created them is steadfast and timeless.

I can now add a few more authors to my list of inspiration as well as comments on writers I like to teach, but I think they deserve a different post. For me, Tolkien and Lewis remain at the top of my pyramid not as an unattainable status but as friendly reminders that other worlds do exist – we’ve just got to shape them and then send them out into the universe. I hope to update you as my worlds go from ephemeral dreams to palpable playgrounds of the mind.