Normally, I use the Roundup to feature information for writers. But this edition will be focusing on some specific writers and what they’re releasing out into the world.

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First up is Hugh Howey, the authors of bestselling Wool and first to achieve the hybrid publishing deal, who is an active member in the writing community and strong cheerleader for self-publishing. He has written a post for IndieReader that chronicles why he writes and encourages writers to self-publish. He also gave a list of 10 Counterintuitive Tips for Self-Publishers featured on Publishing Perspectives that includes my favorite tip, “Be yourself. This shouldn’t be counterintuitive. I hope it isn’t. Don’t lose sight of who you are. Embrace the awkwardness, the glee, the dumbfoundedness.”

Howey recently released the finale to Wool with Dust. One of the best promo deals I’ve ever seen is his Fallout Shelter USB drive that offers the entire Silo series DRM-free epub and mobi files that can be loaded onto your e-reader. For just $18.97, it seems like a great bargain. Plus, that’s one of the coolest pieces of swag I’ve ever seen. To get your own, click on the image or here.

Jim Carrey wrote his first book. Instead of a memoir, it’s a children’s book that draws its inspiration from his biggest role as a grandfather. According to Publisher’s Weekly, Carrey’s book How Roland Rolls will be published on September 24. He did not pursue the a traditional publishing house to release the book. Instead, he chose to self-publish by partnering with Perseus Distribution Client Services. Making it a family affair, Carrey involved his daughter and grandson in the production. “An enhanced e-book will be released the same day as the book; it will include four songs about Roland sung by Carrey and his daughter.” With his zany comedic talents, perhaps this book will pass on the laughs to a younger generation.

Finally, Neil Gaiman continues his busy year with the publication of his children’s book Fortunately, The Milk. Using his unique voice, Gaiman spins a tail of a father who encounters some mishaps while getting milk for his children. Its release date is September 17. He’s been reading excerpts at events, and so far the samples show his knack for writing for a younger audience while still entertaining adults. You can read sample of the book (the British hardcover version) online here, and listen to Gaiman read a sample of it here.