I’ve been programmed by years of being a student and teaching that summer is the time of break and to recharge. However, as a writer there really is no time for breaks when you’re trying to get a project up and running.


Lately, I’ve been surrounded by trolls, dark elves, gods, and fae of all type trying to corral them all into one work in progress. You can imagine how much they don’t want to get along forcing me to pull out all my tricks to get them to cooperate, which is why I’ve been a bit absent around here.

I’m just bursting at the seams to tell you what I’ve got brewing for my debut novel. While there are a couple of pieces I could go with as my first-ever self-published work, I had to go with my gut of what I felt would represent my writing vision the best – a kind of get-to-know-me-better piece. Of course, it’s quite possible that after reading this work that some may consider me a little nuts. Hey, I’m related to Edgar Allan Poe – I’m okay with the diagnosis as long as people enjoy what they’re reading!

For right now, it’s enough to know that I’m working on something that will hopefully entice others into this crazy, creature-filled world to keep me going. I’ll give more updates as it gets closer to being ready. In the meantime, subscribe for email updates and go Like my Author Facebook Page, and that way you can catch what’s going on behind the scenes.

And just because I’m feeling a little sassy, here’s a hint and a taste of my latest ventures:

I’ve become a massive fan and follower of the artist Malcolm McClinton. His bio intimidates me, but just underpins how very talented he is. His portfolio featured on his website, his blog, and his deviantArt page shows some beautiful artistry. I’m extremely happy to have found him. He’s such a cool guy! (Special thanks to Belinda from Red Swallow Design for the introduction)

Hope everyone’s summer is as fulfilling and fun! I’ll keep posting other things like movie reviews and other stuff, so stay tuned!