Spring has definitely sprung. I’m very lucky that my sunroom that serves as my office looks into my beautiful backyard. Right now, it has exploded in all different hues of pink. We’ve got azaleas and camelias, and the Kwanzan cherry tree burst on Monday. And I get to look up and see all this when I’m contemplating my next sentence. The garden patch next to me outside my window has the promise of flowers to come. I should be happy and cavorting in the beauty that spring brings.


But right now, our pollen count is so high. We’ve got pine, oak, and pecan trees releasing their pollen. And now the grass has decided it has to get in on the pollinating dance. And for me, that means that my allergies sit right on top of my head. While conventional medicine helps a little, it never helps my eyes. Rubbing my itchy, watery eyes isn’t exactly a fun activity.

I keep trying to write, but I get interrupted by my reaction to spring blooming outside my doors. It’s a little hard to write a scene with romance in it while sneezing my head off. My wish is that it would be my ideas for my WIP that were pollinating rather than the trees. But I will not allow my sneezing nose and itchy eyes to stop my writing. Alas, this time of the year shall pass quickly, but right now it needs to get a move on and move a little faster. Here’s hoping that allergies aren’t affecting your writing!