So I just posted about how I waste time on Facebook instead of working on my writing. It occurred to me that I do follow several people and writing-centered organizations on Facebook that actually can be helpful to others. So here are some of the best ones that are useful and interesting for writers.


Writer Beware – If you’re not aware of the blog run by A.C. (Ann) Crispin and Victoria Strauss at, then you need to Like their page. Not only do they provide watch dog services for writers out there, but they provide timely updates. Today, they posted the announcement that Hydra, the Random House digital imprint service, changed their contract details after the outcry by Writer Beware and other big names calling them out on ridiculous terms. – This organization popped up recently for me. It’s a place where you can find jobs in the writing industry. Where was this when I was editing? They post fun writing-themed memes, offer six-word writing prompts throughout the day, link to some amazing articles and blog posts, and post up jobs that others might be interested in (like the need for an editor or illustrator). I have yet to register with their website at, but I see that if I do that soon, I can get the free ebook APE: How to Publish a Book by Guy Kawasaki, the new board member and former Apple executive who’s also a bestseller.

Kristin Nelson, Literary Agent – I found Kristin when searching for agents who represented middle grade to YA fantasy books last year. At the time, she had a separate blog for her Pub Rants that gave good advice to those who were looking to get published. I loved that she lives and works in Colorado – an out-of-the-box kind of agent. Many, many more people will find her now that she’s made so many great deals and getting a lot of press. We have Kristin to thank for Marie Lu’s awesome Legend series with book 2 Prodigy recently released. And if you follow Hugh Howey’s incredible journey from self-published author to the landmark new hybrid publishing deal where he got to keep his digital publishing rights (while also selling the movie rights to Ridley Scott‘s team), then you already know her name.

Authors – There are many authors that I follow including Sean Beaudoin, Rose Pressey, Maggie Stiefvater, G.D. Falksen, and many more. I like seeing how these authors use Facebook. Chances are your favorite authors have a page there, too.

Grammarly – One of my ultimate favorites that probably offers the most memes that I share. For all of us trying to get our grammar into check, having their memes pop up throughout the day can keep us laughing.

I know, I know – I shouldn’t be cruising Facebook as much as I do. But at least these are some of the ones that offer entertainment and good information for writers. And when I see something about writing pop up from any one of them, it actually does remind me to get the frak off the internet and go write! So now that I’ve shared these with you, that’s what I’m going to go do!