We all troll the internet and bookmark our favorite places to visit. For most blogs, you can subscribe so that when a new post hits, you get a notification (like you can with mine on the side!). I’ve decided to start featuring some of the blogs that are relevant to me in terms of writing, publishing, young adult literature, or are just plain cool. When I find a blog, I’ll post under “Blog Alert”.

So I know that in yesterday’s post, I talked about the joy of finding new authors like Malinda Lo, writer of Ash, Huntress, and her newest release Adaptation. While taking time out of my own writing today, I perused her blog from her website because during the World Building panel at James River Writers Conference, the moderator mentioned that she had some really good tips for world building. So I delved into Malinda Lo’s Blog.

What I found was a treasure trove of recommended readings, thoughts on current YA literature hits, her very awesome “Five Foundations of World-Building” post, a playlist for her writing Adaptation, some blog posts under her Best of Blog log on the side listing some posts about LGBTQ in literature and within publishing, and many other relevant things.

As I said in my blog post yesterday, Lo was very cool to meet in person. She spoke at the two main panels I attended – the YA Explosion and World Building. In both, she did not hold back on her perspectives on writing. We all know that trying to get published can be a brutal game. However, I think Lo’s message was to not play the game and to concentrate on writing for yourself as best as you can. They are brave words that I would love to carry on a banner, and yet I feel the burden of them weighing me down some after I coming home from the conference and losing some of the high of being around other writers.

“Screw the trends. Be paid by the love you get from writing. The thing that will sell your book is the quality of words.” – Malinda Lo, tweeted by attendee of #JRWC12

Then I started reading Lo’s blog. Once again, I find that fearless voice that is very clearly not a mask. Lo presents who she is throughout every post, and I find her intelligent breakdown of Mockingjay and her straightforward attitude in most posts extremely refreshing and inspirational for me to present my authentic self.

Of course, her blog is part of her very slick looking author’s webpage. She does manage to promote within the blog such as events and signings. While I’m happy to hear where she’ll be next, I see those posts as happy promotions of a successful author – one who I hold as an example to what we writers can offer in the blogging world. I’m definitely taking notes.

Check out Malinda Lo’s blog at http://www.malindalo.com/blog/

If you’ve got an author blog you find inspirational, feel free to list it in the comments!