My last blog post “Finding Time To Write” included some angst and some acceptance of feeling like I have no time to do my own writing. Today, I wanted to pass on a little gem I realized while visiting down South near Charleston, SC.

Because I now work as a freelance editor (as WordFalls Services), I can take my job wherever I go. This time, my job definitely followed me as I found myself inside most days catching up on a client’s last minute work or trying to help a potential one. Here I was near one of my favorite cities and definitely one of the coolest Southern cities in America, and I stayed in the house.

Finally, I decided that my life couldn’t be just me and the computer. So I ventured out to explore new and old things. One of my visits was to the Angel Oak on Johns Island, SC. It really is other-wordly in its sheer size. I took at least a dozen pictures from all different angles and started composing in my head ways to describe the behemoth. And I knew that I wanted a scene in my latest efforts of my novel right there in that space.

After only a 45 minute escape, my mind raced with possibilities. I started noticing the area around it, reveled in the canopy-treed road, and allowed my creative mind to be open.

Another day, I went into Charleston – a city I’ve walked many times. I started with some she-crab soup and shrimp and grits. Creativity may feed the soul, but never let it be said that good food doesn’t!

After wandering around the market, I headed into the historic residential area past cemeteries, churches, and beautiful Charleston houses. For whatever reason, in the middle of my walk I had an “aha” moment. I fixed a major problem I’ve had with my novel since my intensive writer’s workshop at Dragon*Con over Labor Day weekend. Because of the feedback I received – most of it good – I went through a funk about the work and had not touched it since.

Right there on the sidewalk as I walked down Church Street, I did the one thing we writers fear – I talked out loud to myself. Yes, I started figuring out a solution to my problem and talked about my characters. I guess it was loud enough because someone actually asked me if I was okay. While we writers try not to seem crazy, sometimes our creativity just slips past our consciousness.

The whole point in sharing my latest experiences is my personal revelation that in order to help our creative side stay fertile, sometimes we need to just get out of the house, the office, or our own personal rut and go take a walk. Even if that walk isn’t in a picturesque city, perhaps the little fresh air we can get from walking around the corner will help fuel our brain cells!