So I’ve started a new editing business which has severely cut in to my writing time. (Indulge me in a little plug – check out my editorial services called WordFalls Services at

In my journey from teacher to writer, it took me a long time to get to the point where I comfortably say I’m a writer. After several workshops and efforts to increase my writing community both in person and online, I got over the obstacle of fear that tends to hold a lot of us writers back. With my novel well on its way to completion, I have no problem telling people if they ask me what I’m doing these days that I’m a writer.

I have the added bonus of a great support system that allows me to start my first business as a freelance editor. It takes a lot of new skills to run a business, and I’m learning fast. So far, most of the business that’s come my way has been through word of mouth. I hope business keeps rolling as I love applying my analytical skills from being a teacher and my new skills as proofreader/copyeditor to others’ writing.

The biggest obstacle that frustrates me is that my writing time has dwindled to almost nothing. I used to be able to just sit down and pound out 1500-2000 words when I wanted to. Now, it could be hours before I realize I’ve been sitting in the same chair working on a job.

People make suggestions to help such as breaking out a timer to help breakdown time between work and write. One of my friends even got me the cool Writer’s Clock that hangs in my sunroom/office. But when it comes to choosing between doing a task that earns you money and doing a task that has no promised financial outcome, I think a lot of us tend to choose to drop the writing.

I offer no solutions here, only sympathy for anyone else who suffers from the same bad habit of giving up writing for work. Without setting my alarm for way too early in the morning (hey, isn’t working for yourself from home supposed to afford you the opportunity to not get up at 5am and to work in your pj’s?), I think my next experiment will be to try the timer idea. If that fails, I may just have to follow the directions of the Writer’s Clock that can be purchased at However, I fear it will be tempting to pretend it’s 7 o’clock too often.