No, I am not talking about partaking of mind-altering substances and then summoning the Muse. I’m talking about the feeling I get after I complete a large piece of writing and feel pretty good about what I produced. Right now, it is almost 2:00am, and I am having difficulties getting to sleep because my brain wants to continue to play with the novel I was working on.

I can understand the drive to drink because perhaps a finger of single-malt scotch (aged at least 15 years) could have relaxed me a bit more. However, that’s not a road I’d like to travel down no matter whether or not it’s a familiar one with some classic writers. I’ll stick to only using coffee to fuel me.

Tonight’s work was particularly satisfying for a few reasons. One, I started on a writing sprint with JuNoWriMo. If you want more details on what that is, check out my blog post from yesterday. But essentially, it’s a group of writers who set the goal to write a novel in the month of June. While I was late picking up on the goal, I’ve been spurred on to write by tweets from @JuNoWriMo to do writing sprints of differing lengths at different times. For example, try writing for 15 minutes straight at the top of the hour. When you’re finished, count how many words you wrote. That’s kind of the deal we’ve been collectively doing as participants of JuNoWriMo.

Two, I got to combine writing a chapter for my novel and fulfilling the next assignment for my next writing workshop due within a few days. I killed two birdies with my writing sprint, and that’s always a good thing. However, I may have to edit down or only submit part of the chapter as I wrote a wee bit more than I was supposed to for workshopping with my group. I will have to make some decisions on that, but I hope I can submit what I wrote.

Three, I finished a 3,000 word chapter in my JuNoWriMo novel. And it wasn’t just a flash in the pan. It was actually pretty good. I really worked on showing and not telling. The dialogue flowed, which believe me is not an easy task for me. My protagonist is a teenage girl whose a smartass. I got to do a scene in the low-country of South Carolina outside of Charleston. All in all, I feel good about the chapter, and I have a decent idea to finish out the entire novel – it could possibly be my first finished product.

So there are fairies dancing around in my head tonight – really there are because they’re a part of my novel. Characters want their stories to be told, and they’re trying to get my brain to play. And me – well, I would like some sleep, please. If any of you out there know what this feeling is like, please share with me how you come down off the high, or if that’s not an option, share how you ride it for as long as you can!