Today, I’m attending the wedding of two of my very first students. Since this blog is about my journey from teacher to writer, I thought I would indulge in the nostalgia of the biggest joy of teaching. It is an absolute pleasure to see former students as adults and know that, for one tiny moment, I got to partake in the shaping of their lives.

I wrote them a poem for their wedding day, which I’m choosing to share here because I feel so much happiness. I will admit that poetry is NOT my strength at all, and that it reads a bit like a Hallmark ad. However, I’m willing to put it out there into the internet universe as maybe it expresses the exuberance that others may also be feeling:

The years have passed, and so my friend

The waiting for this day can end

I bless the Lord for bringing sun

To shine its light on everyone

A love that started long ago

In halls of learning what to know

As we moved forward into life

We journeyed here to man and wife

We’ve crossed an ocean, crossed the land

Clasped in promise, hand in hand

We’ve moved where life can be its best

Along with you, my heart can rest

Today we make our solemn vow

To have, to hold from this time now

And knowing how our love is strong

Our life together will be long

Friends and family bless this day

They share elation as we say

The words that bind us soul to soul

The starting point to this day’s goal

Although this day will come and go

Together we will only grow

And on this day, we start our life

Our hearts as one, as man and wife